Wayfinding Tape
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EXIT Photoluminescent Tape in Self-adhesive Vinyl 10 M


Supplied in rolls of 10 meters, it is available in 2 widths 4 and 8 cm.
Options: Right and Left
In high-quality self-adhesive vinyl and resistant to intensive use for public places.

Wide Tape

Specifications of photo-luminescent signl and ribbon material


Flexible self-adhesive laminated PVC composite material incorporating a photo-luminescent layer thermally welded to a white reflective layer, backed with pre-applied adhesive. The thickness is 0.6mm. The durability in interiors is superior to 5 years.

In outdoor environments the durability is good but it can be reduced depending on weather conditions, sunlight and excessive humidity.

Due to its composition, it is not toxic to the environment since it contains neither phosphorus nor lead. Resistant to common cleaning products.

Flame-retardant, for its use and to preserve safety on board.

The adhesive is acrylic, permanent protected with paper to extract silicone.

Luminance performance: greater than 46 mcd / m2 at 10 min and 4 mcd / m2 at 60 min, when tested in accordance with DIN 67510 part 1