Davit Launched Liferaft - Poster 50x35cm


Procedures Poster, English 
Dimensions 50 x 35 cm
Materials: Vinyl and Rigid PVC


Non-Photoluminescent Sign & Poster Material Specifications

Self-Adhesive Vinyl 
Flexible gloss white vinyl material. 
Weight: 110g/m2
Thickness: 80 micron
Dimensional stability: 0.5mm max to DIN30646
Outdoor durability: approximately 2 years
Chemical resistance: no effect from oils, greases, aliphatic solvents, heptane and kerosene
Flammability: self extinguishing
Adhesive: emulsion based, UV resistant, permanent adhesive with high initial tack and adhesion
Gloss: 60 units at 20o in accordance with BS EN ISO 2813:1994. The determination of specula gloss of non-metallic paint films at 20o, 60o & 85o.

Rigid PVC 
Opaque rigid white gloss PVC material.
Thickness: 950 micron with UV stabilisation & impact resistance > 650kJ/m2 to BS EN ISO 8256 Plastics - Determination of tensile-impact strength
Dimensional stability: 4% to DIN 53377 at 140oC/10 min 
Chemical resistance: no effect from oils, greases and most common solvents
Cold weather performance: -30oC tested to DIN 53372 Testing of plastic films - Determination of the thickness by mechanical feeling PVC films