2.1 FLAMMABLE GAS Hazard Placard self-adhesive 300x300mm


Internationally recognized Label for transporting flammable gas by road, rail, air and sea. 300x300mm.

The placard withstand the effects of the weather such as sun, rain, snow, etc. regarding print and removability. This ensures durability of the product.

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This 300x300mm internationally recognized class 2.1 flammable gas hazard warning label is fully compliant with the UN ADR, RID IMDG/IMO and ICAO/IATA requirements. It’s made from durable laminated polypropylene and conforms to B.S 5609:1986 which is making it perfect for transporting explosives by road, rail, air and sea.

The placard is required l if you are transporting hazardous goods and hazardous chemicals that fall under the class 2.1 explosive classification. Class 2.1 flammable gases are a gas which at 20 °C and a standard pressure of 101.3 kPa are ignitable when in a mixture of 13 per cent or less by volume with air; or have a flammable range with air of at least 12 percentage points regardless of the lower flammable limit. E.g. aerosols, LPG (propane), acetylene, butane, ethylene or methane.

Class 2.1 flammable gas hazard warning placard

Material: durable, self-adhesive PVC

Measures 300x300mm

Service temperature: -40o to 100 Co

Perfect for transport by road, rail, air or sea

Fully compliant with: UN ADR, RID IMDG/IMO, ICAO/IATA

No minimal quantity required


Data sheet

Label Size
300 x 300 mm

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